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Listen to Vivek is my habitat and you're welcome to check it out. If you wanna know what's hot, blue or've got me. Before you forget, bookmark this page (CTRL + D). 

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Macromedia, Channels, Clinton's video,active server pages,Merced and Xeon,the new Solaris, jazz dance, nucleonomics, remixes, partying for a cause (!), Charles Dickens, Nabhakov, forwarding URLs, Mehendi, Rani & Preity, shakespeare in love,Shekhar Kapur, Bombay Boys, end of the 90's cultural tune-up, Salsa...  

What's Blue ? 

Impending Global Recession,Hurricanes , Clinton, balding,Viagra, asthma, AIDS, Microsoft, Taliban, Milosevic, Laden, VSNL, 28.8 kbps.... 


In the September of 1997, a group of dancers from the National Law School of India University came together, in an effort to create; to experiment with themselves and each other; to explore the potential for communication and expression through the medium of movement. The seven students, who had no formal training in dance, evolved through two months of experimental choreography that involved principles of interpersonal interaction rather than rythm. The music used was intentionally western and lyrical. The purpose behind this was to relate our effort to our environment as far as possible. 

A part of the essence of these dances has been described in a series of web pages. The words are those of some of the dancers...Contact us by sending a mail to (Subject : turag#chrysalis)

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